What You Can Do

CARE’s successes so far would not have been possible if it were not for its dedicated members and many supporters. We hope this website has inspired you to get more involved and join the fight for a more inclusive University that affirms all identities. Here are just some of the ways you can get more involved:

  1. SIGN and SHARE our letter to the CSLCARE has drafted a letter to the CSL reiterating student and alumni opposition to the CSL decision and calling for it to be immediately overturned. We know the letter alone won’t get the Policy repealed but it will remind the CSL that student opposition hasn’t waned over the summer. The letter will be sent to the CSL members when the Fall semester begins to help build momentum for the coming year.
  2. Get involved with CARE: CARE will be offering several educational and direct action opportunities over the coming month to put pressure on the administration to overturn the CSL policy and address discrimination on campus in a productive fashion. You can stay up to date by following us on twitter or liking us on Facebook.  We encourage you to change your profile picture to our logo, which can be downloaded at this link, to help advertise our cause and show your support.  If you feel inspired to do even more, we encourage you to contact us via our Facebook page or by email (tuftscare@gmail.com)
  3. Educate your friends: The more students know about the issues surrounding the CSL Policy and the history of religiously-condoned discrimination at Tufts, the more pressure will be placed on the administration to overturn the CSL Policy and confront religious groups’ discriminatory actions.
  4. Talk to your SRG: If you belong to a TCU recognized Student Religious Group on campus, talk to your executive board about why you oppose the CSL Policy and why they should too. Encourage them to submit a letter to the editor to The Tufts Daily, stating that your religious group does not support the CSL Policy and has no intention to use it.

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