“Justifiable Discrimination” at Tufts: A Teach-In

CARE is excited to announce our first public educational event, “Justifiable Discrimination” at Tufts: A Teach-In. The event will be taking place today (Tuesday the 19th) at 7:00 in ASEAN Auditorium (in Cabot). Check out the facbeook event here  or read the description below for more details.

Did you know a Tufts student was kicked off a student religious groups’ executive board in 2000 because of her sexual orientation and the administration only strengthened the university’s nondiscrimination policy after students took action? Did you know that this year, over a decade later, the administration has again weakened the nondiscrimination policy to allow religious groups to discriminate? History has already shown that the Tufts administration is willing to condone discrimination on campus–that is, unless students actively protest, as they did a decade ago.So come learn more about “justified discrimination” at Tufts, the Committee on Student Life’s recent decision, and how you can get involved in helping to overturn a policy that institutionalizes discrimination in student-funded groups on our campus.

Educate yourself. Speak up. Take action.

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