Op-ed | In response to Rev. Kepler

In response to disconcerting quotes from Rev. Kepler in a recent Daily article concerning the CSL Policy, three CARE members have written an op-ed discussing why they oppose the CSL Decision. Read a selection from the op-ed below and then click here for the full version.

“The nondiscrimination policy of Tufts is rooted in the wisdom of providing an environment that creates a space built on social equity in the hopes that all will be treated as equal under the eyes of the university. The CSL decision allows this aspect of the nondiscrimination policy to be eroded and replaced with a thin veil of forced separation between people who disagree on what are arguably minor differences in religious practice of belief within an umbrella religious community. In allowing for both legitimized discrimination — through the justification of separation — and a redefinition of what a nondiscrimination policy means, the CSL decision is a hugely negative representation of the values and principles of Tufts. Rev. Kepler’s willingness to allow intra-group discrimination without even a modicum of transparency or questioning adds further salt to the wound. Additionally, the direct contradiction of the CSL policy by the Chaplaincy seems to overlook and trivialize the danger and damage of discrimination on individual, institutional and social levels.”


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