TCU Senate Approves Two Resolutions Regarding the CSL Decision

Earlier Today, the TCU Senate passed two resolutions in opposition to the CSL Decision. The first resolution, S.13-1 A Resolution to Affirm the Conflict in Policy Surrounding the CSL Decision, was passed by the Senate by a 20-1-0 vote. This resolution, among other things, resolved that the change in the TCU constitution (as a result of the CSL decision) “stands in direct conflict with University’s Mission statement” and that “the TCU Government cannot feasibly uphold the CSL decision granting a ‘justifiable departure from the Tufts nondiscrimination policy’ in that this policy creates an irresolvable rift in the spirit of the TCU Constitution.” This resolution can be read here.

The second resolution, S. 13-2 A Resolution Denouncing the Committee on Student Life’s Changes to University Policy, was passed by the TCU Senate by a vote of 20-1-1. Unlike the previous resolution, which was more objective, this resolution explicitly “denounces the CSL’s newly enacted policy change” and “calls upon all relevant and empowered University Stakeholders…to promptly overturn the new CSL policy.” This resolution can be read here.

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