Senate Meeting Tonight

To all CARE allies on the Tufts campus –

The TCU Senate will be meeting tonight at 7pm in the Sophia Gordon Multipurpose Room. The meeting is open and any Tufts student can attend. Part of the meeting today will be a discussion on the CSL ruling and reactions to it. Go and make your voice heard during the public feedback section of the meeting!

UPDATE: A resolution was introduced earlier tonight, which condemned the CSL’s decision, and called upon the TCU Treasury to amend the Treasury Procedures Manual to forbid the Treasury from allocating funds from the Student Activity Fee to any group which was granted a ‘justifiable departure’ from the nondiscrimination policy.  Upon the resolution’s introduction, the TCU Judiciary immediately declared the resolution unconstitutional, explaining that the CSL’s decision was now part of the TCU Senate’s constitution, and a vote on the resolution would have constituted a violation of the constitution. Consequently, any Senator who voted on the bill would be subject to disciplinary measures and possible impeachment. After an amendment to remove the unconstitutional portion of the resolution failed to gain enough votes, TCU President Wyatt Cadley moved to table the resolution. An attempt to overturn that decision was unsuccessful and the resolution ultimately never came up for a vote. Cadley promised that he would bring forward a resolution condemning the CSL Policy at the first Senate meeting of the spring semester. For a more detailed account of the Senate meeting, click here.

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