Friendly Atheist covers the CSL’s “religious exemption” ruling

Hemant Mehta of the Friendly Atheist blog has a piece up today discussing the TCF controversy and CSL’s recent religious exemption ruling. Mehta summarizes the recent history of the case succinctly, and makes a lucid point about why having a blanket non-discrimination policy is important:

It seems like a silly rule. Of course you should have to be a Christian to lead a Christian group, right? Well… it’s not that simple. Should a white student be allowed to lead a black student group? Can a straight person run an LGBT group? Where do you draw the line? What if a Christian student who strongly supported church/state separation and LGBT rights wanted to lead an atheist group? Should they be rejected outright because of their religious beliefs if they genuinely want the best for the group?

The CSL’s ruling stands directly against the spirit of the non-discrimination policy. As Mehta so eloquently puts it, “Yet again, the rules have been twisted to accommodate religious bigotry.”

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